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Scarf Prayer Shawl

Jewish Scarf Prayer Shawl

Jewish Scarf Prayer Shawl Category includes 100% SILK used for Shabbat, Candle lighting, Shul, Feast, & Holidays. Karin Foreman design. We feed the homeless. Take a look! Each Shawl is digitally printed on silk.  This technique gives high resolution and vibrant colors.  Each scarf is hand rolled and hemmed.  We take pride each Prayer Shawl and is handled with care.  We give our blessings on each.

Here is a quick video

Look at the video

Themes include:

Jerusalem, City of Gold Tree of Life, Etz Chaim, Shabbat Candle Lighting, Star of David, Menorah, Hanukkah

Take a look at each Jewish Scarf Prayer Shawl, I am sure you will find at least one that is just right for you!  Feel free to leaves us your comments.  We pride ourselves on customer service along with quality products.

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